History of racism in Britain: a country united in racism?

The unjust killing of George Floyd in America has sparked a revival in conversations over the issue of police brutality in America and more importantly the entrenched nature of racism in America. While many have condemned the police brutality and breadth of racism in America, many people in other countries such as the UK have... Continue Reading →

Bitcoin: the future currency or fantasy?

In a time in which the coronavirus pandemic has caused central banks to essentially create and print vast sums of money, many have called again for the serious consideration of the move away from a paper-based currency to a fully digitalized currency in the form of Bitcoin. Bitcoin has always been in and around the... Continue Reading →

Education in Africa: unlocking the untapped potential

When talking about factors impacting economic development, many things spring to mind ranging from corruption to trade to infrastructure. However, one factor mentioned but rarely given the attention needed is the quality of education. In all economies, let alone developing economies, the Productivity of the workforce is crucial in creating and sustaining long term growth.... Continue Reading →

The economic impact of Coronavirus

Since coming to our attention in Wuhan, China in November 2019, Coronavirus (COVID-19) has rapidly spread throughout the globe, destabilizing communities, nations, and continents as its impact starts to become more pertinently felt with steeply rising infection numbers and death tolls. Coronavirus is a disease caused by SARS, where the virus attacks organs, most frequently... Continue Reading →

Risks to the Global economy

With the drawn-out nature of the US and China trade war, a wider issue has come to the fore in 2019 and that is the current fragile nature of the global economy and world in general. Thus, I will be discussing the top 3 risks to the global economy which vary from purely economic to... Continue Reading →

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